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The CMP as-issued rifle matches are for U.S. or foreign military rifles that are in "as issued" condition. These matches celebrate the classic wood and steel military arms of the past - the Garand, Springfield, Mauser, and others - and now the more modern guns and their commercial versions like the AR-15 and M1A as well. These matches emphasize shooter skill rather than armorer skill.

The rifles must be “as issued” by the United States or a foreign military – no stock bedding, heavy barrels, or special parts are allowed. Accuracy improvements are limited to trigger work and careful selection of standard parts. Slings may be used and must be a standard military web or leather sling.Most of the equipment and rules are the same as NRA High Power which makes this a great training ground for new High Power shooters as well as a fun diversion for experienced High Power shooters.

There are four sub-matches: John C. Garand, 1903 Springfield, Vintage Military, and Modern Military. The John C. Garand match is fired exclusively with US M1 “Garand” semiautomatic rifles. The Springfield match is fired exclusively with US “Springfield” Model 1903 and Model 1903A3 bolt-action rifles. The Vintage military match is fired with either foreign military or other US .30 caliber (.30-06) rifles.

Modern Military is the newest of the Games rifle matches, fired with “modern” military or commercial equivalent semiautomatic rifles such as AR-15s, M4s, AK-47s, M1As, and others. This year optics are allowed to reflect the latest rifle configurations. No special match conditioning is allowed and there are specific weight limits.

While the CMP limits the rifles to "as issued" or "like issued" condition, we welcome the otherwise "illegal" rifles in an "out of competition" class.

At TR-PC all the sub-matches are fired together. We have several "relays", so you can shoot one or several guns in a day of shooting. The first course of fire is five sighting shots followed by 10 shots slow fire prone, 10 shots rapid fire prone (in 80 seconds), and 10 shots slow fire offhand. Rapid fire starts from standing and must include a reload. The distance is 200 yards and all courses of fire use the SR target. A match requires 35 rounds of ammunition.

A glove is essential when using a sling and a heavy jacket is also quite useful (both the glove and jacket protect the shooter from the sling). A spotting scope is nice to have and even an inexpensive one should work since .30 caliber holes are fairly easy to see at 200 yards. A bag, bucket, or shooting stool will carry all the gear to and from the line. A mat or other protection from the ground is recommended.

The CMP requires that all participants shooting in a CMP sanctioned match have a waiver on file with the host club (in our case, us). Go to the links on the right to print one. The adult waiver must be notarized; the junior form does not. It's best to get it notarized before the match, but we usually have a notary present on match day. Forms used at the national matches do not count for local matches. These are the CMP's rules and are part of the federal law that established the CMP, so we are obligated to require the waivers.

For more information see the CMP Rulebook.

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