Comparison Of CMP and NRA High Power Matches At TRPC
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Both the NRA and CMP matches will be 80-round matches, with identical courses of fire (20 shots each in offhand, sittinhg, prone rapid, and prone slow). For the NRA matches only, a competitor may chose, when registering for the match, to shoot a 50-round match. For all matches, a competitor may choose, when registering, to shoot out of competition, meaning that his scores will not be reported to the sanctioning body.

For the rapid fire strings, all twenty shots (and any alibi shots) are fired into the same target and scored when the stage is completed. There will be a two minute period between strings for evaluation and plotting of the previous string.

The CMP does not allow alibies. The NRA does. Alibi strings will be fired into the same target as the normal strings and the highest-scoring shots (number of shots fired in the alibied string) thrown out. This means that, for instance, if you get 19 shots off and then fire an alibi string, you will lose the nine best shots out of the 29 fired. Unfortunate, but this is the price we pay for shooting an 80-round match in a resonable amount of time.

For all matches, five sighting shots in any position with a time limit of five minutes will be allowed prior to the offhand stage. The targets will be repaired prior to offhand. No other sighting shots will be allowed.

For both matches, the competitors start the rapid fire stages in position. There is no requiremnt to start from standing in the CMP matches.

The TRPC only has a 200 yard range. All stages are fired at 200 yards using reduced targets. There are no pits. Competitors walk to the targets after each stage and score each other's targets.

The classifications are the same for NRA and CMP but the scores are different. The CMP requires a higher average score to attain a given classification.
Classification NRA CMP
Marksman below 84.00 below 85.0
Sharpshooter 84.00 to 88.89 85.00 to 89.99
Expert 89.00 to 93.99 90.00 to 94.99
Master 94.00 to 96.99 95.00 to 97.99
High Master 97.00 and above 98.00 and above

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