Rimfire Sporter Shooter Tips
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  1. This is precision shooting. Marksmanship principles apply.
  2. You cannot shoot to your full potential in prone and sitting without a sling. Get a M1907 leather sling or a US web sling and learn to use it. You won't be disappointed.
  3. A well-adjusted requires a long sleeve on your support arm and a glove on your support hand. The sling will be tight.
  4. Take advantage of the rules and wear that sweatshirt. It will help keep your heartbeat from making the rifle bounce. Same with the glove. It can be hot in the summer but it's worth a few minutes of discomfort.
  5. Test your rifle/magazine/ammo combination. Jams and failures to fire will cost you points. A lot of points.
  6. Practice. If you can't make it to the range to shoot real ammo, dry fire at home. Practice getting into position quickly from standing.
  7. You get 20 (or 25) seconds to shoot five rounds in rapid fire. Take your time and aim each shot. Breathe between shots. Practice this to establish a cadence.
  8. If you can't see your shots through your rifle scope, use a spotting scope. It doesn't have to be a really good one, but it is best to have a stand/tripod that lets you look at your shots without breaking your position.
  9. When practicing, figure out how far each click of the scope adjustments moves the point of impact. You don't want to guess how much to adjust your scope when the shots count.
  10. We shoot on concrete, so bring some sort of padding - a shooting mat doesn't cost much but a scrap of carpet will do OK too.
  11. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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